Monday, November 2, 2009

Windows 7 vs Mac

Anybody have an opinion?
Oh well.

Continuing my Glee obsession,


Matthew Morrison - Glee Pictures, Images and Photos

Matthew Morrison as Will Shuester Pictures, Images and Photos

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I like him better with hair.


Manda said...

Ew, yeah. Definitely better with hair =p

Anonymous said...

omg did he kill his hair or is it an old photo?? hes the only man in the world who can make the thong song sexy and not trashy... <333333 him!


Kayla said...

You know the last picture is so close to him being bald. I really need to start watching that show...

Nichole said...

and this is the rest of the reason...just kidding. :) But if he EVER does that to his hair again I will seriously cry. haha