Thursday, July 31, 2008

I havent seen wanted yet.
I really really really want to.
Partially beacuse Angelia Jolie is my chick-crush(yes, i have a chick-crush), and partally beacuse of this guy.

James McAvoy

Really, who dosent love a man who kills people for a living???

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This is for you Missy. *barfs*

the things ill do for my friends. *sigh*
yeah, im to depressed to do any witty bantering b/c of todays "gorgeous" guy of the day.

jeff hardy.
(missy, just so you know, im mentally shooting myself in the foot right now.)


*spews* ("he has to spew. the spew gets rid of the migraine." he he. oh lukey.:])


See missy?
i did it.
And i dont want any crap from you a/b the comments i made.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Still Looking for a new title.

Ok, so, (i need to stop starting every post with "Ok, so, ) I think that we've been over the fact that guys with British accents are hot.
But have you ever thought about guys with AUSTRALIAN accents???

This guys the bassist from MY FUTURE LiES (
PETE NU!!!!!!
(AND HE SAID MAKE LOVE NOT WAR IN THIS VIDEO!!!! much love to you Pete!!!)

Pete Nu

Pete Nu

Pete Nu

One more reason why I absolutely adore this guy-bassist's have bigger guitars ;)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

GGOTD!(im going to need a new title for these. Any suggestions?)

So its my birthday, yay me.
but on to hot guys!!!

Ok, so honestly, who doesn't love a bad boy?? Really. Absolutely no one.
And Twilight is the Bible, (at least in my opinion. ;) )
So, Baddie of the year, (starting 12/12!)
CAM GIGANDET!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so hes a tad to muscular for my taste (Jim Sturgess anyone??)
but he is gorgeous.

one thing i love a/b this blog. SPELLCHECK!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Edward needs to manscape. (nothing to do with ggodt)

So, Chris, asshole that he may be, gave me another reason to kinda tolerate him. He got me the Twilight copy of Entertainment weekly, with Spunk Ransom and Kristen Stwart on the cover. And ok, i like chest hair as much as the next girl, but R Pattz, come on man!!! You would be absolutly PERFECT if you just cleaned it kup a little!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

GGOTD(im going to need a new title for these. Any suggestions?)

So, im watching House, and though im big fan of Cut-throat bitch, butch she may be, but im pretty sure she dosent have a penis.
So that leaves us with HUGH LAURIE!!!!!!!!!!

He can treat me anytime. hellz yeah. :)


I have decided that Myspace Bulletins suck. So the GGOTD is going to be posted here. This is just a quick recap of the previous gorgeous guys, going all the way back to the first.

(And yes, i do keep a list. ;-) )

  • Jim Sturgess 3/19
  • Robert Schwartzman 3/23
  • Andy Irons 3/26
  • Bryce Avery 3/27
  • Adam Brody 3/28
  • Kip Pardue 3/29
  • Shawn White 3/30
  • Apolo Ohno 3/31
  • Owen Wilson 4/1
  • Alex Gaskarth 4/2
  • Tom Falcone 4/3
  • Jonothan Rhys Meyers 4/4
  • Billl Kaulitz 4/5
  • Henry Cavill 4/6
  • Robert Pattinson 4/11
  • Caleb Spillyards 4/15
  • Orlando Bloom 4/18
  • Chris Pine 4/19
  • Jim Sturgess 4/20
  • Hayden Christensen 4/29
  • Steve Burns 4/30
  • Tyson Ritter 5/5
  • Cillian Murphy 5/7
  • Robert Downy Jr. 5/8
  • Emile Hirsh 5/12
  • Kaleb Nation 5/13
  • Shia Labeouf 5/25
  • Dane Cook 5/27
  • Ashton Kucther 5/29
  • Jared Leto 6/6
  • Jamie Campbell Bower
  • Jerry Trainor 6/15
  • David Tennent 6/20
  • Chris Evans 6/22
  • Rob O'Riley 6/27
  • Pierce Bronsman 6/30
  • Spunk Ransom 7/6
  • Batman 7/19