Saturday, June 27, 2009

Those silly little songs.

and they get stuck in your head forever and ever and ever.

The guy! (by the way, that website is free, ya know, if you pay the membership fees)


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The Guy! :) Pictures, Images and Photos baby Pictures, Images and Photos


Manda said...

Ahaha Hell yeah!

I dunno if you know him, but when I first saw those commercials, I thought it was Jon Murphy. That's what he's gonna look like in ten or fifteen years =p

Kayla said...

i totally love this guy and the commercials but i don't like the new one...not fond of the song...

missy said...

omg!! yay
i love these commercials
with the pirate hats, renaissance fairs, looking for cars, nd his gf...thes are ttly amazing luv ya jayne!!!